Unverified White Beans - Portland, OR [InstaPot]

A couple weeks ago, Amanda sent me this recipe declaring it worthy of inclusion in The Recipes of MidiCity based solely on the strength of the anecdotal praise "My family is obsessed with this dish." Since then she has made the point, several times, that she hasn't yet seen it mentioned. I'll address that now. 

Dear Amanda,

Thank you for being a BeansAndGas follower! We receive several submissions each year and take them all equally seriously. Without dedicated contributors like yourself, our team would be forced to rely on the literal thousands of bean options at their continuous disposal. 

Our apologies for our slow, yet thorough, editorial review process and bean verification procedures. Our lead chef has been busy eating tacos and the section editor reviewing Wordle strategies.

As soon as our test kitchen has an opportunity to try out your recipe, we'll notify you immediately of its inclusion in a future edition of BeansAndGas Monthly (print edition) and possibly even the sporadically maintained The Recipes of MidiCity google doc. 



Anyway, I'll get to it at some point, but if anybody wants to make this, send some pictures and comments, I'll add it to the blog queue and take full credit for all the work. 

Here's the recipe as provided by Amanda with editorial notes:

AG White Bean Soup 
[We don't have a standardized bean titling requirement, but we do shy away from "My Initials - Color of Bean - Noun." We can workshop this. ] 

Opening personal narrative and exposition:
I made this recipe by combining several NYT recipes and desire to not waste cheese rinds
[Well executed. It's as if Hemingway was trying to drive clicks through his Twitter account.] 

Saut√© 1 chopped onion and 3-5 garlic cloves for 3-4 minutes (until fragrant) 

+ 3ish cups of water and 1.5 cups-soaked white beans

+ 1 heaping tablespoon “better than bouillon” vegetable flavor 

+1.5 teaspoon rosemary [assuming dried]

+ 1 teaspoon thyme [assuming dried]

+ 1 dash of red pepper flakes (optional)

+ the rind of 1 lemon 

+ the rind of one parmesan cheese wedge (optional)

Pressure cook based on the guidelines listed in midi city beans 

Once finished quickly remove the rind and lemon peels and add in a [assuming literal] bunch of chopped kale 

Stir in kale and allow the warmth to slightly cook the kale before serving [probably just me, but "allow the warmth" made me feel uncomfortable. I imagine a youth group camp counselor saying that.]

Serve with parmesan cheese and [rindless] lemon wedges