What Cha Got baked beans - Fredericksburg, TX

I periodically type "beans" into Google maps on those long stretches between stops. Usually it just spits back coffee joints. Occasional I get a real hit. 

I adjust course, take some turns off the main road to a little trailer called Beans & Greens. They had no beans on the menu and were sold out of salad. Disappointing. 

The soul food truck next door offered a side of baked beans. I was probably missing out on some greatness just ordering beans, but it's a type of FOMO I've grown comfortable with. I remained focused on the mission. 

It took five minutes to "prepare" the beans. I'm pretty sure I just paid $4 for a microwaved bowl of Bush's.

It's tough out there for beans, the neglected yet tolerated stepchild of the food world. 

The beans were still tasty.