March Full Moon - Nevada

I went out for a stroll around Lovelock Cave under the full moon. Photos were taken around 10pm as the clouds broke using Night Sight on a Pixel 6. 

If it weren't for the stars, these would just look like oddly saturated daytime shots.

Those are headlights on I-80 off in the distance. 

It's rare that Covid sits still for long. She had concerns about sounds in the darkness. Coyotes were out there...

This is the moon! You can still see a few stars outside of its glare. It looks like a black and white photo that's been colorized. (Oh, and that's a jet, not a shooting star). 

These last two show the shadows cast by the clouds pretty well. Scattered in the first photo and then a big one overhead clearing out over the basin in the second. You can catch the glow from the van windshield in the last one.