Cream Bean Berry - Durango, CO

"Imagine my surprise when I realized that, despite Durango’s thriving local food scene, there was no local ice cream shop. Sure we had five craft breweries, a soda maker and several chocolatiers, but no non-chain ice cream.

This injustice gnawed at my mind for five years before one morning I had the revelation that I needed to start one."

- Katie Burford, Owner of Cream Bean Berry

A tourist mountain town, thriving to the point of bursting. But hiding in its shadows the injustice of no local ice cream. Then somebody stood up against that darkness. The hero the city needed. The hero I wish I could be. 

I love beans and hate inaccessible ice cream. I've come close to stepping up to help Bend through its own ice cream deficiencies, but could never make the final leap. Katie is inspiring. Her story could become my own.