Bog Hot Springs, Nevada

I had heard of Bog Hot Springs since I had first heard of Alvord Hot Springs. They're just a bit further south of Alvord: cross the Nevada state line and take a right, just another hour or two away. But getting to the Alvord always seemed like a long enough adventure that adding in those extra miles never quite made the list. 

But I decided to make it this time as a stop on my way from Lakeview to Reno which, by any map, is entirely the wrong way. But I'm not due in Reno for another 3 days. 

The springs emerge in the center of a large alkali basin, entirely flat and speckled with sage. "Emerge" is misleading; they sort of ooze up in a marsh and then gather themselves into a carving stream that rapidly digs itself down into the soft earth. The effect is that you can't see the springs or the small creek they form until you're right on top of them, looking down into a silty canyon. 

The best point seemed to be downstream (at the red marker above): the hottest, deepest, and least swampy section. The water seemed to get cooler as you moved upstream (northwest), though I avoided exploring too far so as not to disturb the few isolated campers that seemed to be nesting up that way. 

I soaked a few times before finally remembering that I don't like being wet.